What Is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy involves using your own stem cells, from your bone marrow or adipose fat tissue, to help your body heal itself. Stem cell injections are placed right where they’re needed — right where you’re having pain — to heal you from the inside out. It’s proven science, and NYC stem cell injections cost less than more invasive procedures. Dr. Leon Reyfman can even perform regenerative medicine therapies for osteoarthritis.

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It wasn’t too long ago that the miraculous results being achieved by stem cell therapies were the stuff of dreams and science fiction. Now, you don’t have to dream. Astounding advances in regenerative therapy have been made in the medical industry with the use of stem cell technology. The possibilities are nothing less than revolutionary.

If it seems like stem cells are the newest buzzwords, that’s because Manhattan doctors are producing real results that patients can see and feel. With the use of stem cell injections, modern medicine is moving forward by leaps and bounds. And the research into further applications of this technology is even more promising. Highly skilled Brooklyn NYC professionals are literally changing the world, one cell at a time.

Cases of deterioration and injury that would have once required surgical treatment are now being treated with non-invasive therapies, thanks to stem cell research. Since most treatments are performed by injection, recovery and down-time have been reduced to virtually nothing.

Everybody Wants to Feel Better

If you get the chance to speak with people who’ve had stem cell therapy instead of knee replacements, stem cell therapy for hip injuries, back, neck and disc injuries, or other degenerative procedures, you’ll find their excitement and enthusiasm contagious. Their quality of life has improved as much as their pain has diminished and their function restored.

Not only are stem cell therapies available in Manhattan from top NYC physicians such as Dr. Leon Reyfman, but they’re accessible to everyone. Stem cell injections aren’t just for the rich and powerful. Since the latest technologies use your very own stem cells derived from your bone marrow, they’re becoming as affordable as they are effective.

Stem Cell Injections for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is actually the most common type of arthritis. It affects one in three people over the age 40. It gets progressively worse and can take a toll on every aspect of your life. Most of the traditional treatments come with side effects, extensive rehab and usually just postpone the inevitable surgery.

You may be wondering if using stem cell injections for osteoarthritis is an effective method of treatment. People who’ve undergone the injections are adamant about the quality of the results. But you should definitely take the time to sit down with a qualified NYC stem cell specialist. You need to hear what injections can mean for you, whether you’re suffering with the pain of osteoarthritis or from another form of arthritis.

Try Natural New York Treatments Instead

After a skilled New York professional extracts your stem cells, he’s able to inject them directly into your problem area. This truly is regenerative medicine because once the concentrated stem cells are injected back into your body, they naturally go to work doing exactly what they’re meant to do. They help repair your body because they’re part of your body.

Stem cells have been healing you your whole life. They serve as both the building blocks of your body and its very own custom repair kit. Unfortunately, as you age, the stem cells don’t get delivered as well as they used to. The best stem cell treatment simply helps this delivery process along.

Your Body’s a Sound Investment

NYC stem cell injections cost a lot less than you may think. As the technology has continued to improve, the price of these regenerative treatments has dropped significantly. Previous procedures required liposuction and possible hospitalization to extract stem cells from your adipose (fat) tissue. These painful procedures not only had downtime but could also average about $25,000 for a single treatment.

The treatments that are the subject of current praise and popularity are as simple and cost efficient as recycling your own blood or bone marrow. Unfortunately, there are some insurance policies that still don’t cover the price of stem cell injections in Brooklyn. But the costs of these injections are now simply measured in four digits, not five. Compare this to orthopedic surgeries that attempt to treat the same ailments and medical issues.

Orthopedic procedures often cost tens of thousands of dollars. Traditional orthopedic surgeries in most cases require:

  • Consultations with specialists
  • Diagnostic exams
  • Anesthesia
  • An operating room
  • Potential hospitalization

Before and After Care

Discuss any medications you’re taking or treatments you’re undergoing with your stem cell specialist. You have to discontinue anti-inflammatory medications for at least a week prior to treatment. Be sure to mention if you’re taking any blood thinners, including aspirin. Try to be as hydrated and relaxed as possible when you go in for treatment.

Following the procedure, you’ll experience some pain and soreness around the area where your bone marrow was collected and where the injection was made. This is perfectly normal; it passes in a couple of days. But you should be able to resume your daily activities immediately after the procedure. And in a couple weeks, you’ll begin to notice increased activity and mobility as your pain decreases.

Best Stem Cell Treatment in Brooklyn NYC

Your entire procedure is outpatient and can be done in just a few hours, although your NYC stem cells specialist may wish to see you for a follow-up in about six weeks. There’s absolutely no need to spend months immobilized while trying to recover from an extensive orthopedic procedure that can leave you saddled with limited mobility for the rest of your life. Be informed of your options.

It doesn’t get much more natural than promoting your body to heal itself in exactly the way it was designed to. Imagine living every day without that constant pain. Imagine living life on your own terms again. Consider the benefits of stem cell therapy in NYC to get you there.