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We are very excited to add this very sought after service with the state of the art Laser machine, at MOST AFFORDABLE AND COMPETITIVE PRICING IN TOWN!

Now offering NEWER, FDA APPROVED LASER TECHNOLOGY (modified IPL)) to enjoy beautiful glowing skin with photofacial, removal of unwanted hair anywhere on body and defy wrinkles and brown spots.

Get rid of Acne and enjoy clear skin with no medications to deal with!

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We offer convenient hours, with option of late evening & Saturdays.

    Now a revolutionary FDA approved medical technology for hair removal that combines light with heat energy that causes less burning of skin and redness, according to some studies done by the experts is now available in our clinic for long term hair removal and permanent hair reduction for all types of hair and all types of skin. Fast, safe and effective, our procedure requires no anesthesia, so there is no downtime and virtually no side effects.
    Our new FDA approved technology for Acne treatment will safely and effectively clear Acne like never before. Outstanding results in the treatment of Acne while reducing associated redness and improving the overall appearance of the skin will be the result; all without the need for oral antibiotics or anesthesia, so there is no downtime and virtually no side effects.
    Safely and effectively treat the effects of aging and sun damaged skin with FDA approved Clinical Phototherapy System for photo rejuvenation, providing outstanding results in the treatment of benign brown and red blemishes, broken blood vessels, uneven skin tone, rough skin texture and a variety of other common skin conditions, without the need for anesthesia, so there is no down time and virtually no side effects. TAKE OFF MANY YEARS OFF OF YOUR FACE AND START TO FEEL AND LOOK YOUNGER IN JUST 3 WEEKS WITH 3 TREATMENTS!
    Hair removal: Interval for face:
    1 session every 10 days, for all other hair: one treatment every month.
    All Laser and IPL treatments can target hair only in growing phase, which are typically 20 % of all hair; hence 5 treatments are recommended for optimal results. Some patients may require more than 5 treatments, and the charge will be prorated at a discount per package price. For first session, please do not shave for 3 days prior to session. For subsequent sessions, it will be desirable not to shave a couple of days prior to session, but patients may come clean shaved too.

UPPER LIP: $60/session, or $250/5 sessions.
CHIN: $80/session, or $350/5 sessions.
BOTH UNDERARMS: $140/session, or $650/ 5 sessions.
BOTH LOWER LEGS: $375/ session or $1600/ 5 sessions.
BIKINI LINE: $150/ session or $650/ 5 sessions.
UPPER ARMS: $125/session or $375/ 3 sessions.
FOREARMS: $150/ session or $375/5 sessions.
ACNE: $ 80/session or $500/8 sessions.
Acne treatment includes 2 visits 2 to 3 days apart/ week for 4 weeks, ideally.

PHOTOREJUVENATION: one visit every week, for 3 or more weeks.
Full facial: $250/ session or $675/3 sessions.
Sun / Age spots per area: $200/ 3 sessions.
BRING your own tanning goggles!!