new patients welcome
All patients seen for the first time will be required to provide us with specific information that will assist us in providing the best and most appropriate care available. You as the patient will need to print and complete the New Patient Paperwork packet and bring this information your initial appointment. Performing this task at home will saVe you 15-20 minutes of time in the office. A NEW patient cannot be seen until the paperwork is complete.


Appointment Guidelines

  • Patient is required to present current insurance cards and picture ID at EVERY appointment.
  • Co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles are accessed by your insurance company and are to be paid at the time of check in.
  • There is a $35 charge for a return check and checks will no longer be accepted at that time.
  • New patient appointments require an additional half hour for the first appointment to accumulate and review patient information.
  • Patients are expected to be on time for appointments. If a well check up appointment patient shows up 15 minutes late the appointment will generally need to be rescheduled, with rare exceptions.
  • If a sick appointment patient shows up 15 minutes late we will work the patient in if at all possible but scheduled patients will be seen first.
  • Same day sick appointments are usually available but there is no guarantee of requested time frame.
  • Services (advice, prescriptions, etc) will be provided ONLY for our patients.
  • A NO SHOW fee will be assessed for missed appointments based on the type of appointment. A NO SHOW is any appointment that is not cancelled within 72 hours.