Ketamine for Anxiety: An Excellent Option

The disabling, persistent and paralysing symptoms of Generalized Anxiety or Anxiety attacks/ panic disorder are unfortunately not uncommon. In fact, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States with about 40 million people suffering from it. All of us live under stress, it is a gift of modern day living.
Despite advances in science, debilitating anxiety is many times resistant to conventional medications and behavioral therapies. Fortunately, Ketamine is proving to be an effective and longer lasting remedy.

If you or your loved one is amongst millions of men and women in the US who suffer from harmful effects of anxiety disorders resistant to conventional treatment, Ketamine infusion may be your answer. Extensive studies have shown its usefulness.

Dr. Tilak has been helping patients with anxiety disorders for over 30 years, and will be happy to take care of you as well.

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What are the symptoms of Anxiety?

  • Persistent fears, worries, unwanted thoughts, fatigue
  • Heart palpitations,sweating,nausea,restlessness
  • Tightness in chest on abdomen
  • Feeling overwhelmed, with difficulty sleeping
  • Anger, frustration or depression/sadness of mood

Benefits of Ketamine Therapy

  • Relief of stress, anxiety, and restoring mental balance and wellness
  • Near instant results
  • Ketamine therapy can be used in conjunction with prescription medications and psychotherapy
  • With relief of fatigue and stress, patients feel energetic and blissful

How does Ketamine Relieve Anxiety

  • Research initially done at Yale University lab and later at other labs show that Ketamine triggers production of glutamate in brain, allowing it to rewire and reconnect
  • Glutamate helps the brain create new neural connections and makes it more adaptable
  • Ketamine boosts neurotransmitters and balances brain chemicals that cause Anxiety and Depression

What to Expect with Ketamine Infusion

Many patients notice distinct improvement within an hour of IM infusion. For longer lasting relief, weekly or biweekly treatments for 6 to 8 weeks is recommended.

Safety of Ketamine

Ketamine has been used as Anesthetic since 1970 and has a proven track record of being very safe. You will also be closely monitored for about an hour after the Ketamine Infusion.

Quotable Quote

Chief Psychiatrist Dr. John Krystal of Yale Medicine explains that with most medications like Valium, the antianxiety effect lasts only when the medication is in your system, and when the effect wears off, you can get rebound
anxiety. With Ketamine, it triggers reactions in your Cortex that enable brain connections to regrow. It is this reaction to Ketamine, not the presence of Ketamine in the body that constitutes its effects.